Friday, November 28, 2008

OSU Beavers!

Okay, normally sports don't inspire blog posts, but my alum is going to host the civil war against the evil ducks!!

The special chant from the student section for Oregon Ducks

I was there, during the 1998 civil war double overtime! I was out there with them when the crowd rushed the field because they thought it was won in the first overtime, and it took 15 minutes to get everyone off to finish the game. I was there when they rushed the second time, and everyone went down with jackknifes and tore up the football field turf for a souvenir. Where they climbed up on the field goal posts and started swinging on them so hard that they toppled over!

See the fans piled thick with players on the sidelines?

The fans kind of stumble slowly forward over the wall and onto the field. That's not because they aren't excited; no -- they've been standing in the rain and the cold for five hours and no nourishment after the sun has long been gone. The legs, the legs -- OH! Plus they just got practically beaten back by the game officials to clear the field after the first overtime.

I mean, we used to really stink. I remember going to games and we'd never win, and I'd hear the stories of how we haven't won so much for decades.

A couple of guy friends and I stumbled out there and carved their piece of turf, heavy, wet and muddy, then we all hauled it like a dead carcass several blocks off-campus where it was divvied up and hung as a mantle over the doorway.

It was a cathartic shedding. The fans knew it was the last game to be played on the stadium's turf, ever. They were going to tear it up after that and replace it with astroturf. That was the game that ended our losing streak. Ten years later, we're Rose Bowl hopefuls! (And yes, I know what that means, it's the best place to go to win a special extra-game at the end of the season.)

I think even the mascots had a little too long unscripted time before the game, they got in a fist fight too.... :O That was rather interesting....

It wouldn't be much of a stretch to say No. 17 Oregon State is preparing for the biggest game in school history as No. 18 Oregon visits Corvallis for the "Civil War." A win would send the Beavers to the Rose Bowl for the first time since the 1964 season. But they'll get plenty of resistance from the Ducks, who want to enhance their position in the Pac-10 pecking order.

-USA Today

OSU Oregon State fight fight fight!


Sanctification said...

they lost.


Teresa said...

Oh yes!!! Yes they did :) HAHA Can you tell I am 100% Duck :) Evil as they may be :) HAHA

Sanctification said...

Oh, fiddle faddle!!

You may have noticed the orange and black regalia I wore to church yesterday?

When the ducks win, they get bored. When the beavs lose, they get resolve.

Teresa said...

I did think your shirt was cute...but maybe that is just because it was on you :)

As for your bored/resolve comment...well, I think that has to do with a long history of winning and losing seasons thus much practice at each of these responses! :) HAHA Okay, okay, I don't really care this much about the rivalry, I just find it fun to participate in the banter! :) I am a duck but would have been happy for the Bevs if they would have gone to the Rose bowl. No, you would not find me cheering for them, but it would have been okay with me :) Until next year.....

Sanctification said...

That's generosity for you! ;)

I can't say I'd be delighted to have the Ducks go to the rose bowl. I don't think I could cheer, I might have a screwed half smile on my face. I'm sorry, that's about all the kindness I think I've got. :D

(Ha ha, just bantering too.) Did you realize we have one of the oldest civil war traditions anywhere? Pretty interesting. Oregon is so old!! :D Having everyone in Oregon live within 80 miles of one or the other school causes a lot of natural division.

I see a lot of people wearing duck jerseys today. Uh. Do you have duck regalia??

David Wyatt said...

Michele, I take it you're for Oregon? I'm a big SEC man, the Gamecocks being my faves, with the Jawja Bulldogs second & the Alabama Crimson Tide third. Obviously the bowl games haven't ben much fun for me either! Only Georgia came through!

Talk about lonely though, in the NFL, I'm a Cincinnati Bengals fan!

Sanctification said...

Ha ha ha ha ha!!!


That was a foreign language to me! :D

I'm happy that you like... those things so much, but I'm afraid I don't know football except through being a citizen of Beaver Nation. Woo hoo!!

lol, Michele

David Wyatt said...

No problem! I sometimes forget not everyone shares my enjoyment for football! God Bless, & Go O!

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