Friday, November 14, 2008

A bit of FGA history

As some of you are aware I have been trying to figure out the history of the free grace movement. I know there are others who are also interested to understand it.

Today I heard from a reliable witness concerning the founding days of the Free Grace Alliance. He watched the evolution of the free grace movement from the days of the Grace Evangelical Society, and he attended the meeting in Texas when the Alliance was incorporated. This person shared with me that the Alliance was formed to be the implementation of the movement, out of the leadership and vision of the Grace Evangelical Society (GES). Another words, the GES had been the theological organization and the FGA was the strategical organization, of free grace theology. This person added that at that time, there was a small number of people at the GES who were upset that there was any new organization being made distinct from the GES, but otherwise said premise of the FGA was welcomed.

I found this to be quite helpful, and it fit appropriately with what I have heard elsewhere in the realm.


goe said...

Thanks for posting this. I don't know much about it, but it has always been my impression that the FGA had its roots with the GES. The rift that has occurred between these brothers still grieves me. I appreciate your desire to build a bridge of understanding and perhaps even reconciliation.


Sanctification said...

Hi Gary,

I will continue to publish things of a high quality from time to time, as they are constructive and relevant.

At this time, I am highly saddened by the passing of Zane Hodges. I never knew him, hardly read any materials, but I know he was well loved.



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