Monday, October 18, 2010

Understanding the Relationship

Brother Gary helped me notice a really wrong passage I used in the comments under the last post; Romans 13. If I had backed it up just one verse, I think I would have found one that better fits. Romans 12:21

Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.

This points to the Way without detailing what is "good." The way I used Romans 13 implied I'd blindly respect (obey, in fact!) those I've been trying to follow for awhile now, which for others reading has already proven to cause pain and disappointment. Instead, this verse (and the preceding verses in Romans 12) makes room for God to act on the behalf of the saints. It allows the agents in the situation to both give God's free grace to one another and also continue to declare the truth about doctrine and relationships that still has not been rectified.

Have regard for good things in the sight of all men.

We should regard as good what is widely regarded as good in the sight of others, as much as it is possible, so that we may live at peace with all men [1].

Hopefully this is a more appropriate devotion in the sight of my brothers (and sisters).

Fred Lybrand is availing himself to answer questions regarding the relationship and doctrine between GES and FGA. Please leave a comment or question in the comment field below.

[1] Grace New Testament Commentary, Vol. 2, pg. 690.

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

FGA National Conference 2010

This year's conference is going very well. I had not attended last year's conference, but the one two years back, and I am very excited to see some familiar faces from that former time. My former pastor is here, Don Reiher is here, John Doan is here.... It is comforting to have Jody Dillow deliver a message at GES and then also here. I have loved all the sessions thus far.

Dr. Chay's session on where the FGA has come from and where it is going was an overview of the purpose of the FGA to connect and equip. He discussed the interrelationships between conference attendees, ministry relationships, teaching institutions and so forth. There was no reference of any kind at any point concerning the historical disagreement concerning the content of saving faith matter.

Dr. Moyer's session on sharing the gospel with unbelievers was very good. I was challenged and inspired.

I took a breakout session from Bret Nazworth on how to mobilize your local church to get the gospel out. He made a great point about sharing the gospel as a historical event.

Dr. Lybrand is here and he probably gave a very good break out session on how to invite apostates back to faith. I am sorry to have missed that one!

Dr. Dillow had two sessions in this morning to discuss the narrow way in the Sermon on the Mount. He ended these sessions by sharing his personal life application and a worship song to give us the opportunity to reflect on how each one of us are seeking after His righteousness, which he says seems to be synonymous with the Kingdom of God.

My favorite session was yesterday evening by Dr. Eaton. He did a historical and doctrinal approach of how assurance and the joy of our salvation has always been at the heart of every revival. He challenged free grace people to consider that assurance not only comes from doctrine but also from the Spirit (by which we cry Abba Father).

This is a very basic overview and my memory is certainly selective for my own personal interests and lack of education, but I thought I might share for those who might be interested before the DVDs are available.

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