Monday, November 17, 2008

"Made to be Like Them"

In the last couple of days I've become a little under the weather again, but I am sure it is a result of stress.

This week I have been called upon to submit a letter of witness in a court proceeding, and, as I struggled to write it I took a view to where I was and where I am at this time.

As I recount the case of a friend of mine, I can't help but wonder and marvel. Most likely she and I wouldn't naturally had been friends because we're very different. I remember clearly that God called me and empowered me through a tremendous love from above, to get to know her more deeply than what was on the surface. And then, one day it happened: she began to divulge her circumstance, and as she went I had a sinking feeling, realizing that it was similar to mine.

I wanted to break loose from the painful circumstances, and so did she. But as she indeed took that path of surrender and disillusion with God, somehow, someway, I found myself not giving up completely. I even still found myself with good reason to stand up for the truth of the gospel and for her sometimes even though I had a heart filled with disillusion.

Why did the LORD let that go so far? Doesn't He know what could have happened to me? But, I suppose He was there all the while....

the proverbial 'fork in the road'

I stand back and look at the place where we diverged. Why? Why did God let those circumstances come into my life? Why into hers? It seemed like I could not have been any closer to falling off the edge, like her, and yet there I hung by a string. Then, God saved me. Now, He has made he His partner in His work in an unbelievably satisfying manner.

I am not any better than her. I just have an amazing God who wants to lead the way out, one child of God at a time.

Please pray for this friend of mine, that through our intimacy and the example of God's provision in me, she too may turn back and trust God.

Jesus modeled faith for our sake, and the Father resurrected Him to life.

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