Wednesday, November 26, 2008

A New Theme: the water's edge

Walk along an Oregon beach and you will find the sand is common when looked at closely. It is the eroded basalts (quite plain and dark grey rock) that have come from recent eruptions of the Cascade Mountain range. Here and there in the grains you can find the shimmering quarts, feldspars, and micas.

But so long as the sand is dry, it cannot reflect anything more than itself. That glimmer is its own chemical composition. It can provide no other visual to the one walking along the way. That is, unless it is wet. When water and sand mix, a force called "capillary action" binds water to the sand. The water fills the spaces in-between the irregular grains of rock.

I took this picture of the ocean. Behold the wet sand providing an unexpected visual -- a reflection of that which is gazing down upon it.... The clouds in all their majesty are held like a mirror in the rock & water mixture.

The church is like the sand, which has come to rest by the water's edge. By ourselves, we can only reflect our own composition. The occasional glitter can say no greater word than what it is. But through the continual washing through faith, our capillary spaces overflow with the Spirit of God and we reflect His glory; transformed.


Aletheia said...

Love the new look

Sanctification said...

Good morning A,

Thanks, hope all was good at home with your family.


Missy said...

Michele, this is a beautiful post. Thanks.

Sanctification said...

Missy, thanks, and it is so wonderful to hear from you again!

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