Wednesday, October 08, 2008

my own conference sound bytes

Some of my own sound bytes from the national free grace alliance conference.... I won't share with whom I've said which of these items, because it's just too important that people speak for themselves when they feel it is good to do so.

I praise God that these are things I stunningly got to say to prominent free grace leaders:

"Wouldn't it be a shame if free grace theology forgot 'grace'...."

"There is a kind of power and privilege that comes with the word 'heresy,' that we should never be eager to wield."

"Have you considered appointing an emissary to the two sides in the online free grace community? If we wish to consider how to promote the free grace message successfully, I think reputation will affect opportunities to share it. Reputation is vital. That which precedes our theology is largely being established online."

"It seems to me that those people who are in the inner circles might have had ample discussion to figure out where they are on these things, but the rest of those in the online world have the smallest trickle of likened encouragement. Right now this community is desperate for two things; one, information; and two, communication. I'm concerned that whatever little information that has been handed down is still less helpful since the word 'heresy' is being used to such a degree that communication is also broken down. What's more, it's possible... that these people are battling to form conclusions on matters that perhaps those in leadership have figured out months... if not years, ago."

You might read these things and conclude, I know so very little. But, I think that's exactly the point.

Antonio has devoted himself to doing what he can to encourage free grace leadership to speak plainly and freely with the people. If I wore a hat, it would be off to him in honor for all he has done. I think Antonio needs a little encouragement. I also think the free grace leadership needs a reason to smile. And maybe, just maybe, we might win their favor and they'd put their hope in us: us lay, bloggers of scripture depths, fellowship-hungry, lovers of God's free grace.

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