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There are things I want to do with my life. The gospel kindles a fire in my bosom and it makes me want to leave my nets behind and follow Him on some wild and amazing adventure. Why doesn't everyone desire to find their purpose in the gospel as much as I? They slow me down like a child who has wrapped his body around my leg while I try to walk. Sometimes I feel like looking down at the metaphorical child to declare, "Go away!" Don't they recognize that I am set on ascending?

Jesus was someone who was known for getting "underneath." He lifted others up so that they were hoisted toward God's light and love. Luke 22:25-28 -
And He said to them, “The kings of the Gentiles exercise lordship over them, and those who exercise authority over them are called ‘benefactors.’ But not so among you; on the contrary, he who is greatest among you, let him be as the younger, and he who governs as he who serves. For who is greater, he who sits at the table, or he who serves? Is it not he who sits at the table? Yet I am among you as the One who serves."
I might do as Jesus has. The good news is living and demonstrating its worth because I permit a carry-on. These are someone(s) who just do not understand God's wonderful grace. They come in between me and another measure of closeness I might gain to fulfill my dreams in Christ. As long as I keep a keen eye on the light of the gospel, all the re-positioning and pushing is not as burdensome as it looks. The gospel fuels passion in the heaving, sufficiently. Ha! God's goodness is powerful enough not only to lift me but many people at once!

I know I'm going to get there just the same because His light does not lie. In fact it is probably God's will that I would be made fit for service to the gospel later on by learning this lesson now. "Hold on tight; you're coming with me."

I'll get there one day... but not without my brother.


Sanctification said...

Talk about creating a movement for Christ, for evangelical theology, for free grace theology....

I thank God we have ministers to the Word who inspect potential inductees to FG. If someone gets a check by every agreeing doctrinal point, they're in. Good news. But what do you do when you've got all the orthodox who are available? Is the movement finished? The majority who remain on the outside do not make the cut. Going lax on the checklist is not an option, is it? Because we believe truth is not a point of compromise.

This may be the moment when we might go out and make FG people from that which is. We convert them amongst the mature. We build them out of the immature. We create them out of those who are currently lost. If we want to grow a movement, I believe this (post) may present a reflection of how it gets done.

Grace is more than a teaching. It is an ethic. It is a way of Life in Christ.

goe said...

Hi Michele,

Thanks for stopping by my place. Haven't seen you around much lately...guess I haven't been around much lately fact, noboby has been around anywhere have they?...where IS everybody!!? Well, you know that you are one of my "internet buddies" for sure! I like what you're saying in this post...we believers really do need each other don't we! "I'll get there one day... but not without my brother." You are so right. My pastor was teaching on this just today. He is devoting the next 3 or 4 weeks to the subject of love and unity in the church and how important that is to Christ. I guess we're all lickin our wounds a little right now huh? Maybe the Lord can heal us up some and get us on the right track you think? You've always seen the importance of that more than most of us I think. I know I've fallen short in that myself at times. Lately I've been doing like Diane and sitting under my tree... or else riding my bike. :-) sometimes you've got to get away from the LCD for a change in scenery! But I do miss my internet buddies like you.

Have you got Beaver Fever yet? Are the Beavers gonna pluck the Ducks this year? I know down south we're getting geared up football. That's bigger than religion for many folks down here you know. :D

Anyway, I know what you're feeling from reading your post. I been feeling the same thing. Its great to see someone with the spiritual hunger you have. Don't worry, He's gonna get you there!

Sanctification said...

Gary I think you're on to something. Space from others is just as good a thing, at its right time.

Lately I've been doing like Diane and sitting under my tree... or else riding my bike. :-) sometimes you've got to get away from the LCD for a change in scenery! But I do miss my internet buddies like you.

Both those sound pretty sweet. It's september now, only a little longer to enjoy the outdoors like this.

You know what a sweet thing is? I could only write a post like this because I experience other believers "pushing" me to desire and do the will of God.

Sometimes I meet a cohort and we "push" one another concurrently, sometimes I'm doing all the pushing, but sometimes it's someone else who does all the pushing, all the lifting up, of me, for me. I can't give hardly anything back in return because they are so ascended in their proximity to God's light. I'm just so challenged and so blessed and it's all one way. It doesn't seem right. Thank goodness I can express my gratitude to God by being that "one way pouring" of goodness in to others.

I know my internet buddies get this so much that they don't need to write about it like I do. My posts must be like the most common of Spiritual senses, I imagine. I know I must show my immaturity, but the problem is I can't see it.... It's passion which makes me write blog posts like this. It has been such a powerful testimony to me of our living Savior.

goe said...

I ain't ne'r read no mark jest come natral...i heared bout dat huck finn an river boatin though.....he be a cuzin to my uncle cletus way back n Yazoo City ...hehe =(:-)F

David Wyatt said...

Good stuff, Michele. I agree with bro. Gary, I appreciate your passion for our Savior. I share it, though I spend most of my time on the sidelines or in the principal's office for messing up! I sometimes wonder if I'll ever get it right. But then He comes along & gives me more grace! (Jas.4:6) I am so thankful for His grace. You are so right that the Lord uses even our foul-ups to help us help each other. I'm sure this made no sense! But thank you for letting me be senseless! God Bless.

Marco Avila said...

Hello Michele, update your old link to my blog to the new one, I have exported all the info from wordpress to Google blogger, the new link is:

Did you recognize who I am?

Sanctification said...

Hi Gary,

You're one of those who have been helpful pretty much one direction, as I was saying in an above comment... the discussions on Calvinism, assurance and the Gospel of John you and I have had were instructive, to me. I can't say how super neat it is to reap so much in listening to what you've already discovered. You really know your stuff too.


Sanctification said...

Hi David,

I am honored to have you comment on my blog. Your spirit is clearly one who has spent time with Jesus and that is cooler than anything else I "read."

:) Michele

Sanctification said...

Hi Marco,

You have a new blog, it looks nice! It'll be easier to leave comments now. Yes of course I knew it was you. :D

goe said...

Thanks for your kind words Michele. It really encourages me if anything I've said has ever helped you. It has been a privilege to meet someone like you on the blogs. A lot of the things on the blogs this past year have not been a very positive experience for me, and I've even contributed to some of that myself, but my experience with you has been one of the blessings that I thank God for. I've learned some things from you as well, and it's so great to know I have a sister in Christ way out there in the west. The more I've gotten to know you the more I've come to respect the relationship you have with Christ and your desire to know Him better . I hope we don't lose touch because you are a dear sister in the Lord.

I agree with what you said about Bro David too!! He's a blessing to us all.

Sanctification said...

Gary, your compliment is beyond deserving. I have some good news... my husband is willing to support me going to school at Dr. R.'s seminary. Ben and I are both thinking for just a biblical studies certificate. I am humbled as we've considered this, to think about how much Christ can do, in opposition to what I think His plans are for me to do. It is a blessing for sure.

I know you've been a student of theology for like forty years. Have you ever taken classes at seminary?

Thanks brother for being encouraging and passionate about the truth. You are the best of influences.

goe said...

That's great news Michele! He "is able to do far more abundantly beyond all that we ask or think..." Sounds like you have a great husband to encourage you too! I know God has wonderful plans for you because you have such a willing heart to please Him. Thanks for sharing that good news with me. I know Dr R will be pleased too! :D

No, I've never taken any seminary classes. My best friend attended Dallas Theological Seminary and we shared an apartment while he was there, so I would study his textbooks sometimes though. I use to want to go to seminary but it just never worked out.

I know you must be very excited! Keep me posted OK?

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